We are pleased to offer K-Laser Therapy at our veterinary practices in Warwick and Rugby

What is K-laser?

This is a portable hand held laser device, the size of a mobile phone, which enables us to do beneficial laser treatments on any animal, in a very short time frame. It rapidly improves healing for surgical patients and can be compared with acupuncture for chronic cases such as arthritis, but without needles and in a very short treatment time. It is used in the surgery by RVNs and our MRCVs vets who have been specifically trained in its usage. It is a pain free, surgery free, medication free treatment.

How does it work?

Infrared laser photons penetrate deeply into the body and are absorbed at the cellular level. ATP production is enhanced and cell membrane permeability is improved, which increases metabolic activity in the cell. Localised release of nitric oxide causes vasodilation of circulatory vessels, leading to a cascade of beneficial effects for cellular and tissue health.

Why did we get it?

We saw the information at a veterinary congress around a year ago, and spent time looking at the research and having demonstrations to see that it was as good as it said. We were convinced of its benefits that for us, are impractical to achieve with other techniques, or not possible to achieve with other methods. We could also see the quick recovery times, meaning that our patients would feel better quicker, with the laser, than without it. This has not been possible before the development of this technology being available to the veterinary sector. Our volunteer cases gave us rave reviews and all asked that we have this equipment, as they really liked it and saw great results. We even used it on the clinical director’s dog, who had suffered a spinal stroke leaving her with compromised mobility in her hind legs. After one short treatment her mobility dramatically improved. We spent time planning to buy the laser, planning the training and how we make sure people know of its benefits, so that we know we can use it best and the animals can benefit.

How we are offering the treatments

We are offering 10 minute appointments with a trained RVN who will assess the specific laser treatment needed. Most treatments last from 1 minute to 3 minutes, there are exceptions depending on what we are using it for but no treatment lasts a long time. We are also offering it immediately before surgery and immediately after surgery, again depending on which type of surgery we are performing, and this is advised by our vets or RVNs who admit your pet in for surgery.

All treatments must first be authorised by one of our vets who know the benefits of the treatments and can assess the overall health of the pet to advise the trained RVN nurse, so that they can in turn assess the laser treatment needed.

What does it feel like?

We have experienced what it feels like ourselves, as it comes from human medicine and was demonstrated not just on our pets but on some of us too. The best description is that it feels like holding a soft hot water bottle, it feels relaxing and comforting. This is why pets like this treatment as it feels nice to have it done. Most pets want to have a nap during the treatment.

How long after the treatment before results are seen?

Lame dogs have already been seen to walk soundly immediately after one treatment. For chronic conditions it is recommended that a course of treatments are taken starting with two weekly, falling to one weekly over a period of 6 treatments. These are then maintained by a single ongoing monthly treatment. It does depend on the specific animal and the specific area being treated. For routine surgical cases one to two treatments are all that is needed, if we are utilising it for speedy recovery only and more if that surgical case involves significant wound recovery. i.e. the difference between a routine cat spay and a pre-booked reconstruction surgery.

Does the laser treatment mean medication should be stopped?

There are no contraindications so all prescribed medication should be continued. In some chronic cases, we expect that some medications can be reduced on the vets advice, as we see the improvement that has developed after the laser treatment and alongside laser maintenance treatments. For surgical healing, we expect to see medications used for a shorter period of time, around a surgical case where the laser is used as part of the treatment.

Can it be used to improve any condition or illness?

This has to be assessed by one of our vets. It has over 120 treatment possibilities but there are areas i.e. invasive cancerous growths, that it would not make a positive difference to. We are happy to give an assessment to explain where it could be beneficial for your pet as there are multiple areas where it makes a big improvement.

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